Brake Repair

Brake Repair

You have a lot relying on your brakes including your own safety, the safety of your passengers, and that of other drivers on the roadways. At Accurate Auto in Lake Oswego, we offer expert brake repair services to help keep you safe on the road. From a Chevy truck to a luxury Lexus, our trained technicians have the skills and knowledge to work on the brakes for any make and model vehicle made by all the major car and truck manufacturers. If you’re in the Tigard area and you’re concerned about your brakes, come and see us today.

Ensuring Your Stopping Power with Brake Repair & Service

Our expert technicians will never exceed our estimate for your brake repair without your approval, and we will never try to offer you services you don’t need. Come see us at our convenient location in the Tualatin and Lake Oswego area today. From new rotors and cylinders to replacing worn-out hoses and calipers, we will thoroughly inspect your brakes to make sure that each component is operating the way it should. We will also replace the brake pads if needed, and we’ll check on your brake fluid levels to make sure that everything looks good.

Braking Problems: Signs and Symptoms

If your braking system is in trouble, it will usually give you a few red flags before it fails completely. These signs and symptoms are extremely important to be aware of so you can schedule a brake inspection at our Lake Oswego location as soon as possible. You cannot afford to leave your vehicle’s brakes to chance. Here are some serious symptoms you should be on the lookout for that may indicate you have a problem with your brakes:

  • The brakes make a squealing, screeching, or grinding sounds which indicate that the brake pads are worn out
  • You seem to need to “ride” the brakes or push on the brake pedal more frequently to come to a complete stop. This is known as brake fade.
  • The brake fluid is leaking, or you notice that your brake fluid levels are extremely low
  • The brake pads, shoes, or rotors show signs of wear and tear, or you see visible damage
  • Your brake pedal feels “spongy” when you press on it, or you have to press down harder than normal to slow down or stop

All these common brake problems should not be ignored. If you’re having brake trouble in the Wilsonville area, be sure to bring your vehicle to our facility in Lake Owego as soon as possible so we can make it right.

Brake Repair Near Me

For all your automotive service and repair needs, visit Accurate Auto in Lake Oswego, OR and give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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